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Tele-Underwriting Services

Tele-underwriting is a process in which a recorded telephone interview is used to gather risk-related information directly from the insurance applicant.

We also provides high quality medical information through Tele-Underwriting done by our experienced medical underwriters. The information can be underwritten by our own medical underwriters or brought back to the clients digitally in secured manner.

Advantages of Tele-Underwriting: -

  • It speeds up the process from application to policy issue.
  • It provides more detailed and perspective information.
  • It reduces non-disclosure rates (medical and non-medical).
  • It generates a higher policy take-up rate, by reducing the need for General Practitioner (GP) reports and issuing policies more quickly.
  • It allows an automated processing of date, which is both cost effective for the company and satisfying for the customer.
  • It reduces agent and underwriters workload, allowing them to concentrate on their main area of expertise.
  • It enhances customer service and improve customer experience.