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NIDAAN India launched Online Store on 05-11-2017.

We are now into Successful Completion of our 13 Years in the Investigation & Risk Management Industry on 31-12-2017. So, we have launched our Online Store to serve all India customers/clients in so easy manner.

Now, anybody can order directly to us.


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Awareness from Investigation and Verification Industry is the today's necessity

INVESTIGATION…….when we hear this particular word, the first thing that comes to our mind is police & detective.  But investigation is not limited to these two words.  Investigation is a very wide topic covering many aspects. In simple terms, investigation is a formal inquiry or systematic study to discover the truth. Investigation & verification is necessary in every field.  Whether, it is a corporate sector, a household or choosing life-partner, investigation & verification is needed everywhere.

Investigation & verification is needed in every field, some examples are as follows:-

  • Business Background Check- If you are willing to do business with an existing entity, it’s very important to do the background check of that business entity. What you see may not truly mirror what the business is all about. With the help of investigation & verification you will get the evidence that you are doing business with a reputable entity or not.
  • Employment Background Check- We cannot hire an employee without knowing that candidate & a mere interview cannot tell each & every details of the candidates. With the help of investigation & verification services, we can find the details of the candidate, and determine if the individual is competent & qualified, before we commit.
  • Insurance Fraud Claim- False insurance claims are filed with the intensity to defraud the insurance provider. In some cases we find that the person is a living person, who is supposed to be deceased. Investigation & verification helps to identify the truth.
  • Documents Verification- For knowing the authenticity of a particular document, we need to verify the same from the issuing authority. Verification services helps to verify the documents from the issuing authority to check the genuinity of those documents.
  • Pre-Marital Checks- Marriage is a big deal. Before tying knot with a person, it is very important to verify that person, as you are choosing partner for your life. Investigation & verification services help you to verify everything you know or think you about that person, before wedding.

These are the few areas were investigation & verification are necessary.  But in today’s era, investigation & verification is necessary is every field whether it be marriage, divorce, family law, employment, new business relationship, investment risk, international hiring of employee  or insurance fraud.

In our day to day life, the most important person on whom we are dependent is a maid. If both parents are earning, maid is the one who looks after your home and sometimes your kids too. What if the maid is a fraudster or not the right person to look after you home. It becomes the biggest nightmare……Isn’t it??? Investigation & verification services help you to play an active role in ensuring the safety of your family and home. Investigation & verification Services can help you get the security and peace of mind that you need by choosing the right maid for your home.

Investigation & Verification is not only limited to police investigation or detective. Investigation & verification can help us to identify the genuinity & authenticity of the document or person. It helps us in choosing the right person for your home, company & even life. So, I feel Investigation & verification is very important in everyone’s life.

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