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NIDAAN India launched Online Store on 05-11-2017.

We are now into Successful Completion of our 13 Years in the Investigation & Risk Management Industry on 31-12-2017. So, we have launched our Online Store to serve all India customers/clients in so easy manner.

Now, anybody can order directly to us.


Online Store

Happy Shopping with us!!!

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Services; which we delivered in India

NIDAAN Intelligence Services (I) Pvt Ltd is one of the Top Most & Local Service Provider of India since 2005 to delivered the following services: - 
 1. Employee Background Verification 
 2. Employment Verification 
 3. Certificate Verification 
 4. Documents Verification 
 5. Life Insurance Claim Investigation 
 6. Health Insurance Claim Investigation 
 7. Motor Insurance (MACT, Theft & OD) Claim Investigation 
 8. Theft Insurance Claim Investigation 
 9. Documents Procurement Services 
 10.  Insurance Premium Renewal Follow-up 
 11. Cashless / Spot Investigation   
 12. Insurance Surveillance Services 
 13. Pre & Post Insurance Issuance Profile Check   
 14. Personal Accidental Insurance Claim Investigation   
 15. Workman Compensation Insurance Claim Investigation   
 16. Motor (PA) Insurance Claim Investigation   
 17. Skip Tracing Services 
 18. Asset Tracing Services 
 19. Banking Customer Background Verification 
 20. Pre & Post Loan Inspection Services 
 21. Insurance Fraud Investigation   
 22. Tenant Background Screening 
 23. Maid Background Check Services 
 24. Driver Background Check Services 
 25. Education (Self) Verification Services 
 26. Cattle Insurance Claim Investigation 
 In case of any requirements,  mail us at: - 

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