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(Investigation and Risk Management Specialist Team of India)

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Health Claim Investigation Services

We are providers of Health Claim Investigation Services to clients across the country. We provide Health Claim Investigation Services in cases where the health insurance policy is provided by all insurance companies are misused to fraudulently claim money. We provide our services for Health Claim Investigation using well-developed methods that ensure good results. We make Health Claim Investigation Services available to individuals and group entities as well. Objective of Health Claim Investigation services provided by us are to ascertain the authenticity and genuineness of referred suspicious claims basis the evidences collected thereby mitigating fraudulent activities and intent.

Areas explored while investigating a claim

  • Insured's residence
  • Vicinity check
  • Neighbor check
  • Chemist / hospital / doctor
  • Hospital check
  • Employer check
  • Treating consultant
  • Pathology
  • Pharmacy