NIDAAN Intelligence Services (I) Private Limited

(Investigation and Risk Management Specialist Team of India)

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Providing Death Claim Investigation in all over India.

Welcome to M/s NIDAAN Corporate Services (Local & Top Most Service Provider in India).

M/s NIDAAN Corporate Services has just gone National. All our services are now available in the all states of India and as usual we promise that we will never turn in an incomplete report. Our goal is to get you the exact information, which reached to your satisfaction level in standard manner. We are top most service provider in India since 2005 to providing employee background verification, life insurance claim investigation services, health claim investigation, motor claim investigation services, theft claim investigation services, documents verification, security services, detective services, fraud investigation, surveillance services etc.We work with broad range of Indian Clients as well as MNC Clients and are welcoming new clients forever.

We are engaged  in  delivering  Death  Claim Investigation Services in India since 2005 and our resulting always tends to the client's satisfaction level.


Our Death Claim Investigation Team covers following Insurance Claims under which death may be occurs: -


  • Life Insurance Claim Investigation Services
  • Personal Accidental Insurance Claim Investigation
  • Workman Compensation Claim Investigation Services
  • Travel Insurance Claim Investigation Services
  • Motor Claim Investigation Services
We are providing the said services to insurance companies, who wish to verify the authenticity of the claims made by the policy holders. We make use of highly researched methods to ensure that the verification tasks are carried out well. 

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