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Background Verification Services for Telecom to offer Postpaid

There was a time when messages were conveyed through letters and after many years two people could have direct conversation through telephone. As the time moves so fast, people started working in office more and more and the conversations over telephone became difficult to have. Due to evolution in technology, mobile phone was introduced. Now, we can talk over calls and can leave the message directly without disturbing. That old time has gone and now messages are conveyed through internet or text. But with the changes in technology, the expenses are also touching sky. To have a phone, it is necessary to have a sim card and to have a sim card, it is hard to maintain expenses. To cut down few expenses and tension of monthly recharges, the telecom industry provides postpaid sim cards and internet connections.

In a postpaid sim, a person can make as much as call according to the scheme and have to pay the bill at the end of one or two months. But it might arise a question that how could telecom industry trust a person? What if he doesn’t pay the bill? To avoid such questions, telecom agencies contact Background verification Service Agencies.


What is Background Verification Services for Telecom to offer Postpaid?

Background Verification Services for Telecom to offer Postpaid is important to build trust between consumer and producer. It refers to a service in which an agency investigates every detail of consumer so that he/she can’t run away after using those services. It is very useful to conduct such verification because if he runs away then the company will be having detailed information which will make them easy to catch fraudster. So, in short, every telecom company who offers postpaid services should hire an Intelligence service agency.


Why should you hire an Intelligence Services Agency for your company?

  • An agency will help you to confirm the residential address of the consumer.
  • It will help you to know the income statement of your customer.
  • Intelligence Services agency confirms identity of the consumer.
  • Intelligence Services agency will verify the employment background.
  • Intelligence Services agency confirms the financial position of the applicant.
  • Intelligence Services agency checks the reference given by the applicant.
  • Intelligence Services agency looks at the criminal record of the consumer.
  • Intelligence Services agency will provide you time to time visit services for the confirmation of residential area of consumer.
  • High satisfaction with best quality work is guaranteed.
  • It helps you to build a trustful relationship with your customers.


These all points clear the benefit of hiring an Intelligence Services agency. As the postpaid users are increasing day by day so does the telecom industry. All companies can’t run department of its own for background check verification. To save time and cost, telecom industries are hiring Intelligence Services. It is hard to trust thousands of customers, to take care of your trust you can contact NIDAAN Intelligence Services (I) Private Limited which is India’s most trustworthy background check company.


Contact Number:  +91-9234466631

Email ID:


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Services; which we delivered in India

NIDAAN Intelligence Services (I) Pvt Ltd is one of the Top Most & Local Service Provider of India since 2005 to delivered the following services: - 
 1. Employee Background Verification 
 2. Employment Verification 
 3. Certificate Verification 
 4. Documents Verification 
 5. Life Insurance Claim Investigation 
 6. Health Insurance Claim Investigation 
 7. Motor Insurance (MACT, Theft & OD) Claim Investigation 
 8. Theft Insurance Claim Investigation 
 9. Documents Procurement Services 
 10.  Insurance Premium Renewal Follow-up 
 11. Cashless / Spot Investigation   
 12. Insurance Surveillance Services 
 13. Pre & Post Insurance Issuance Profile Check   
 14. Personal Accidental Insurance Claim Investigation   
 15. Workman Compensation Insurance Claim Investigation   
 16. Motor (PA) Insurance Claim Investigation   
 17. Skip Tracing Services 
 18. Asset Tracing Services 
 19. Banking Customer Background Verification 
 20. Pre & Post Loan Inspection Services 
 21. Insurance Fraud Investigation   
 22. Tenant Background Screening 
 23. Maid Background Check Services 
 24. Driver Background Check Services 
 25. Education (Self) Verification Services 
 26. Cattle Insurance Claim Investigation 
 In case of any requirements,  mail us at: - 

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Urgent Requirements of Team Manager - Branch Operations

We are recruiting "Team Manager - Branch Operations" for our Jamshedpur Branch, Jharkhand, India. Smart, Energetic, Medically Fit & Fine, Clean Character, Experienced Graduates having Experienced of Team Management may be apply.

Job Location: - Jamshedpur, Jharkhand (India).
Note: - Lodging Facility available for the Outstation Candidate.

Job Responsibilities: -
1. Reporting
2. MIS
3. Analysis
4. Customer Service
5. Team Management

Requirements: -
1. Should be Graduate or MBA in any stream.
2. Should be Proficient with Microsoft Office & Internet.
3. Should be Experienced of Team Management at least of 2-3 years.
4. Strong Analytical Skills.
5. Capability to Work under pressure.
6. Willing to Travel in Eastern Region; as per requirements of Company.
7. Should be Medically Fit & Fine.
8. Should be Clean Character.

Other Information: -

Min Salary :Rs. 10000
Max Salary :Rs. 15000
Skills :Basic Computer Skills,Incoming calls handling,Banking
Languages known :English ,Hindi ,Tamil,Telugu,Kannada,Malayalam,Marathi,Gujarati,Others
Gender :Male/Female both are eligible.

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Recruitment Fair 2016 on Dated: -- 13-August-2016

M/s NIDAAN Corporate Services (भारत का सर्वश्रेष्ठ सेवा प्रदाता कंपनी) is going to announce Recruitment Fair 2016 on dated 13th of August 2016 for the below mentioned positions and Candidates from all parts of India may attend the same.

1. Team Manager - Branch Operations (5 No.)

2. Asst. Team Manager - Branch Operations (10 No.)

3. Team Manager - Risk Management (1 No.)

4. Asst. Team Manager - Risk Management (5 No.)

5. Sr. Team Manager - Claims Management (1 No.)

6. Team Manager - Claims (Life, Health & PA)

7. Asst. Team Manager - Life Insurance Claims

8. Asst. Team Manager - Health Insurance Claims

9. Asst. Team Manager - PA Insurance Claims

10. Team Manager - Motor Claims (OD, Theft & TP)

11. Asst. Team Manager - Motor TP Claims

12. Asst. Team Manager - Motor (OD & Theft) Claims

13. Team Manager - Background Verification (1 No.)

14. Asst. Team Manager - BV (Address, Employment & Criminal Check)

15. Asst. Team Manager - BV (Education Check)

16.  Team Manager - Detective Services (1 No.)

17. Asst. Team Manager - Detective Services (5 No.)

18. Team Manager - Bihar/Jharkhand/Odisha/West Bengal/Chhattisgarh (5 No.)


We request to all interested candidates that; Please carry mentioned documents at the time of interview: -


1. Updated CV

2. PAN Card

3. Experience Certificate; if any

4. Qualification Certificate

5. 2 Latest Passport Size Photograph



Venue for the Walk-in Interview: - 


M/s NIDAAN Corporate Services

514, A - Block, Khutadih, Sonari,

Near Airport Wireless Office,

Jamshedpur, 831011, Jharkhand.


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Internship Program for Management Level Student in India

NIDAAN Corporate Services offers Internships Program to  a small group of outstanding management-level students. The opportunity to acquire direct exposure to work with NIDAAN Corporate Services and learn practical experience in various aspect like; Human Resource, Sales & Marketing, Finance, IT etc. 
Our Internships Program gives you the opportunity to further your knowledge of Human Resource, Sales & Marketing, Finance, IT etc. and their work process, where you will have a chance to learn more about the challenges; which comes in front of us during working.
This program allows interns to play a valuable role for NIDAAN Corporate Services in various department like; Human Resource, Sales & Marketing, Finance, IT etc. and also allows to learn Recruitment Process, Business Development Process, Training Process, Client Engagement and others. 

Physical & Virtual both internship is available for the Super Interns. Interested Student may mail us for the more information #


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Providing Death Claim Investigation in all over India.

Welcome to M/s NIDAAN Corporate Services (Local & Top Most Service Provider in India).

M/s NIDAAN Corporate Services has just gone National. All our services are now available in the all states of India and as usual we promise that we will never turn in an incomplete report. Our goal is to get you the exact information, which reached to your satisfaction level in standard manner. We are top most service provider in India since 2005 to providing employee background verification, life insurance claim investigation services, health claim investigation, motor claim investigation services, theft claim investigation services, documents verification, security services, detective services, fraud investigation, surveillance services etc.We work with broad range of Indian Clients as well as MNC Clients and are welcoming new clients forever.

We are engaged  in  delivering  Death  Claim Investigation Services in India since 2005 and our resulting always tends to the client's satisfaction level.


Our Death Claim Investigation Team covers following Insurance Claims under which death may be occurs: -


  • Life Insurance Claim Investigation Services
  • Personal Accidental Insurance Claim Investigation
  • Workman Compensation Claim Investigation Services
  • Travel Insurance Claim Investigation Services
  • Motor Claim Investigation Services
We are providing the said services to insurance companies, who wish to verify the authenticity of the claims made by the policy holders. We make use of highly researched methods to ensure that the verification tasks are carried out well. 

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