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Life Insurance Claim Investigation Services

Life Insurance is one of the best tool to providing security to any family or family members in respect to financial loss; not into emotional loss, if the earning member of the family get died. 

Many people taking Life Insurance Policy for the purpose of making money by the fraudulent claim. To stop fraudulent claim; Life Insurance Claim Investigation is necessary.
We are covering below mentioned points; during our Life Insurance Claim Investigation:
  • Discrete Profile Check of Insured.
  • Verification of Death Certificate.
  • Verification of Age Proof; if available....
  • Verification of Medical Records; if available....
  • Searching Cause of Death.
  • Searching Medical Records.
  • Searching Public Records.
  • Family Background Check.
  • Interviews / Statements of Family Members, Friends, Relatives, Neighbors etc.
  • Evidence Documentation.
  • Surveillance / Activity Checks.


NIDAAN Intelligence Services (I) Pvt Ltd having Specialist Investigation Unit to conduct Fraudulent Life Insurance Claim Investigation Services in all over India. We have a best track record in the industry & providing services in India since 2005.